People are the critical element in your organisation and once the right person is hired for the right job, it is vital for your company to create the right environment for that person to deliver of his/her best and grow to fulfill their potential. At Sapient, we help companies put the tools and structures in place to enable all employees to add real value to the business.

To ensure that you are using best practice HR processes and systems, Sapient can review your complete HR cycle - both formal and informal. This audit of how you manage your people will result in recommendations for improvement which can be implemented by your company or Sapient   You need to have the right people, with the right skills, in the right job, at the right time to realise your organisation’s strategic vision. Sapient has the tools to enable you to optimise your skillspool and structures so that you can have a more effective organisation.
Sapient can become your virtual HR team. We will provide support when you need it, either at your place or at ours. Our service is based on our long track record of strategic and operational excellence.   To enable companies to focus on their key areas of competence, Sapient can provide a complete human resources service. We can take over complete responsibility for your HR function, providing whatever services are required to satisfy the needs of the company.
Sapient can provide best practice policies and procedures that will ensure your compliance with the complexities of Irish labour legislation. Critically, we will also improve the transparency and clarity of your systems, thus resulting in much greater effectiveness and efficiency in your business.