Who, when and how you hire critical people for your business can mean the difference between success and failure. At Sapient, we help companies to clarify roles and candidate profiles, identify the right way to source those candidates and ensure that the selection process identifies the right person as well as minimising the risk of a bad hire.

The process you use to hire people has a powerful impact on your ability to recruit the right people. Our service includes analysing your end-to-end recruitment process, talking to managers and recruiters and reporting back with recommendations for improvements.This review will include sourcing strategies, selection criteria, decision making process, feedback and much more. The result is a streamlined and effective recruitment process.   When you have a key position you need to fill, you may wish to have an experienced interviewer who can participate in the interviews. Sapient provides specialist experts with over twenty five years of interviewing experience who can offer the in-depth interviewing skills that can make a real difference to your ability to select the right person for the role.
To hire the right people, you need to use the best ‘forensic’ tools available to enable you to ‘really know’ each candidate. We believe that past behaviours can provide best evidence of future potential and performance. Top class interview skills are crucial in the drive for excellent hires. Sapient will partner with you to tailor a programme for all people included in the recruitment interview cycle.   In partnership with Hireserve, Sapient offers a web based recruitment management solution which is ideally suited to companies recruiting twenty or more people each year. It will improve hiring quality, improve your company profile, reduce costs and reduce recruitment cycle time. The tool is flexible, user friendly and enables you to quickly build your own searchable candidate database. The system can be customised for you or implemented ‘out of the box’.